Saturday, December 15, 2007

Update on the Grasshopper

Friday Dec. 7.
The night before they started changing his sedation meds in preparation for removing his breathing tube.
At 11 am they took out his tube and everything sounded clear. Once he was fully awake the chest retractions, wheezing, coughing, and everything else came back in full force. He had two breathing treatments and the heli/ox combo mentioned earlier.
At 10 til noon they put his breathing tube back in and sedated him. His breathing returned to normal.
His surgery is scheduled for Monday at 4 pm.
I'm home for the weekend to attend my sister's musical and to go to our church Christmas dinner. I'm also spending some time with the kids. The surgeon gave me a rundown of how the operation will go and said that there would be at least 10 days afterwards in the hospital. So, we're looking at Christmas in the hospital. It's not what we would want but we're getting the problem fixed. I will be coming home on Christmas Eve morning and then going back to Akron on Christmas night. We should be able to cram all our festivities in that time frame.
Thank you all for your prayers and help during this time.


Heather said...

Still praying for you all. Whatever we can do..... Love ya!

KC said...

Still praying Rachel.. (((HUGS)))

BJ @ said...

I'm so sorry this is happening! You sound in good spirits, though, and how thankful can we be that we don't live in an age where they couldn't help him! Blessings and prayers for all.

Alicia said...

still praying.. thanks for update