Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Grasshopper Update

Here's the latest on little Grasshopper.
Yesterday there was a cancellation in the morning so they took him for surgery at 11 am. The surgeon wanted to do scope before the procedure to see what he was working with. He found that the swelling was going down and was able to put a bigger tube in than had been in before. They put his tube back in and put him back on steriods.
They are going to wait until Thursday and try taking out his breathing tube and let him try on his own again. They aren't scaple happy here and I'm thankful for that.
Pray that my milk supply keeps up. And pray that Grasshopper will stay calm on Thursday and breath well on his own. We would love to be home in time for Christmas.
I have internet access and a computer in his room now so I can check my email frequently and update my blog.
I had some serious catching up to do on all my blogs.

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KC said...

glad the swelling is down. I'll continue to pray