Sunday, January 13, 2008

Can't get me......Oww!!

Yes, I heard that sentence only seconds ago. A stuffed animal war is raging violently through my upstairs! Animals are flying in ways that God never intended for large blue frogs to fly. Giggles are flying just as much and I'm very entertained.
Tonight Nathan and I played Candyland with the boys. As I am in the "Queen" of Candyland it was only fitting that I win. :) That is a story for another time though. And no, to those who may ask, I did NOT stack the deck.
Now they are play wildly when they are supposed to be getting ready for bed. Nathan fully started this so I guess he will be the one that has to finish it. What fun!!! Except for the frog, and the duck, and the chicken named Amy.


ShaggaBear said...

too funny!! Only now it's "Princess Frostine" not "Queen."

Stephanie said...

Too funny! And boy do I know what those noises are sounding like at your place. = )

Linda Darjean said...

Hi Rachel...small blog world! This is Linda Asake Darjean. I LOVE your family and your blog. I just saw it for the first time tonite! Your kids are precious. You look busy, but you have four wonderful blessings! We are only on number 2 :)

palmtreefanatic said...