Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I've been thinking some about a New Year's Day post and what kind of goals I wanted to set for myself. Each time I thought about it I hesitated to put anything in writing thinking that I would just be setting myself up to not succeed fail. I have many goals for the new year, some great big ones, and others just little tiny things. Then I read my sister Mama Lily's post today about her goals for the New Year and how she feels similar to me in her mindset.
I often get behind in my goals and wonder if there is any use in trying to keep up. I'll just try again when I'm done raising my kids is something that I've thought before. But at this rate it could be a LONG time before then and I don't want to put my life on hold. I want to be a good example for my kids. I want to show them how it's supposed to be done.
So in that spirit, I'm going to post some of my goals for the coming year, starting with the mundane.
  • wash my face, morning and evening. Yes, I did say mundane. It's something I neglect because I feel that I just don't have time. But, when I take the time, I feel much better so in reality it is worth the time it takes. Besides, I really like the new Mary Kay tinted moisturizer. WORKS GREAT!
  • pray daily with my husband. Often times, Nathan and I neglect our time together as a couple with God. We really want to focus on doing this together.
  • work out at the rec three times a week. This is really going to be a HUGE undertaking for me. With four small children it's too expensive to put them in the daycare at the rec. $16 an hour for four of them. My extended family is also busy with their own schedules as well. I'm going to have to get creative with my times. I'm determined to get back into shape. I want my next pregnancy to be less struggle on me physically and I'd like to keep up better with my children.
  • more organized. I don't want to be forgetting doctor appointments, WIC appointments, and all those other things that I tend to forget until it's too late. I want to be more on top of what's going on with our family. This will require cutting back on some activities.
  • really pump up my Pampered Chef business. I signed up to be a consultant in November right before Thanksgiving. I had five parties scheduled for Dec. Thanks to Grasshopper's little vacation in the hospital I only got to do one of them. I'm hosting an open house this month to get things jump started again. I love Pampered Chef and I really want to do well with it. It's a great opportunity to earn some extra income for our family.
That's five. And for now I think that is enough. They are my main goals for now. I would like to revisit them in a few months to see how I'm doing. I hope you all are enjoying your New Year. And if you need a little motivation for you weight loss goals, tune in to NBC tonight for the start of the new Biggest Loser season. It looks like it's going to be a good one.


polly said...

Thanks for the link to my MK website!!

ShaggaBear said...

sounds like good goals. It's only $2 an hour for the kids, not $4. Still, it's a lot when you've got 4.

Alicia said...

is grasshopper home from the hospital yet?

Shaunda said...

WOW! Good goals, I know the one praying with husband, I still find that to be a hard - just the time together... YOU will rock at Pamered Chef this year for sure!