Saturday, January 05, 2008

During our last House Showing

You may know that we are attempting to sell our house in an effort to downsize both payment and space. Our realtor called last Friday and asked if we could show our house on Sunday. I asked what time and she said whatever was good for us. I told her between 10 and 12 because we would be at church. We heard from her on Monday. This is what our conversation sounded like.
Me: How did it go?

Her: Great! The lady really loved the house. There was just one little problem.

Me: What's that?

Her: Well your ceilings are only 8 feet 10 inches tall.

Me: Okay?

Her: Well the lady has some antique furniture that is 8 feet 11 inches tall so she absolutely has to have nine foot ceilings.

Me: Are you serious?

Her: I suggested she just cut a couple inches off the legs but she didn't seem to go for it. Oh well, we'll try again.

After all that, I wasn't even sure how to respond.


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! That is crazy!

Alicia said...

crazy... but hey your house will sell in God's timing...

Shaunda said...

Crazy for sure!