Monday, January 14, 2008

We Just Can't Get Enough

Nathan and I have been watching Star Trek Voyager for quite a few months now. We started with Season 1 and have Netflixed all of the episodes. We each love different characters, he likes Seven of Nine. ( Who doesn't??) And I like Tom Paris. I've really enjoyed sharing a similar passtime. I've been a Trekkie since I was in elementary school, although not in the strongest sense of the word. I never wore funny clothes or talked in Klingon. But I've always loved to watch it. Nathan on the other hand, for all his "nerdieness" had never watched Star Trek before we got married. He humored me for my birthday and bought me Season 1 of the original series with Captain Kirk but he didn't get into until I started watch the Next Generation. It's fun to be able to fill him in on the back story of lots of the characters.
When it came to Voyager, I'd seen several episodes on tv. I knew the plot line but I hadn't seen much. It's been new for both of us. This is a clip from one of our favorite episodes. This is Seven and the Doctor, who is trying to teach her social skills, and yes, that is their own voices. Enjoy!


Mama Lily said...

netflix link is the song. :)

Heather said...

You trekkie you:)

Stephanie said...

I grew up with Star Trek. Totally love them. I can even do the Vulcan hand greeting and have tried to teach my kiddos. = )