Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lions, Tigers, Actually Just Bears

Monday for my 25th birthday my whole family went to the Cleveland zoo. At least those of us that were in town. Here is all the kids. Peanut is hard to see but DA is holding her. AJ is wearing red and JM is wearing blue. And there is the star of my other sister's site, Abby. All the rest belong to Mama Lily. The zoo was super crowded but we did have lots of fun. AJ and JM enjoyed spending time with Dad who is often at work. It was good to have a family day. What handsome
men! This time JM got more into looking at the animals and getting excited about them. Last time we all went Little Buddy would get so excited to see the animal, shouting, "OOK! OOK!" And then he would sob when we moved on to the next one. When he saw the next animal he would get all excited again. It was hilarious.
This is JM and Little Buddy. AJ had fun riding in a wagon with his cousin Puk Puk. Here they are checking out the elephants.

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