Friday, September 22, 2006

Such a Long Day

Once again the day was long...and full of lots. This morning I actually got up and joined about 65-70 other moms and did exercise. It was a combo of jazzercise, kickboxing, pilates, and areobics. Mind you, I was the only one from our group that did it. I do have proof. Jenn and Cece said they would tomorrow too but who knows. :)
This morning's session was great. Priscilla Shirer talked about prayer and Matt 7. It was a great lesson and I'm going to try to get it on CD for everyone to hear. One thing she said that I really liked was that in the past few years people have been blaming things on Mother Nature, (Katrina, Tsunami, ect>) and she said, "It's FATHER GOD trying to get your attention." It was great to hear someone talking about the power of prayer in everyday life and that we as moms have no choice but to make it a priority in our life.
We had a very speedy lunch afterward and then split into our individual sessions. The first one I attended was the Personal Life of a Leader. The speaker shared about how our personal experiences shape who we are and how we can use those to aid in our ministry postitions, not just for MOPS but in all areas. She also talked about identitfying your spiritual gifts and how to use them, and how to use them in connection with your other gifts and talents.
After a short break my second session started. The topic for this one was Daily Discipleship for Your Children. The speakers shared practical ways to teach your children God's word and how to use everyday events to share a spiritual truth. They also talked about good opportunities to bring this about. I've taken fairly good notes if anyone wants to know more specifics.
We also had our leader networking sessions this afternoon. I met with several other discussion group team leaders and we shared ideas. It was really helpful and I got some great ideas for different activities.
All of us went to Opry Mills for dinner and shopping. I'm telling you what. The salads just never end for me. Everyone chose Macaroni Grill which was good but no pasta for me. The salad was good but it's been a very long line of salads all weekend. Probably more to come. Now it's midnight. Pray for Peanut. She's teething. Poor baby. She's certianly been a trooper but you can tell she isn't happy. God knew what he was doing when we got our rooms literally right around the corner from the main meeting room. It takes less than 3 min to run down here from up there. We were really blessed. See you all soon. By the way...Honey I really miss you. :)


T Mo said...

I'm so glad everything is working out for you to be there with Aria. If I remember correctly, we were pretty far from the main meeting room I'm glad you are fairly close to it. I look forward to hearing more when you all come home. You are all constantly on my mind and in my prayers. God bless!


ShaggaBear said...

Sorry I didn't comment before. I didn't know you'd be posting since you're out of town.

I'm so glad that you're having such a refreshing time. And learning "lots." You'll have to share when you get back.

That is definitely a God-thing that your room is so close considering the size of that hotel. Wow! We'lll be praying for Aria. How's Sarah doing?

Keep us "posted." :)

Mama Lily said...

you'll be home soon! I'm glad you've had such a refreshing time. I'm sure it will be good to be home. You're sweet boys missed you. :)

Sarah said...

yayy for being home =). I'm on SUCH a sugar rush right now i can't really concentrate on what i'm doing... lol.. oh well.... so... back to reality now :-\... i've decided i'm NOT looking forward to this week, after i leave tomorrow for school i have wed. night free and thats it, i work fri and sat night