Monday, October 30, 2006

Mondays really FEEL like Saturdays....only they aren't!

Today was Monday as I'm sure you know...however it is the one day a week, besides Sunday, that my husband has off. So we kinda treat it like a Saturday.
We totally overslept this morning until about 9:30. I'm not really sure how that happens cause my children wake up so early. But sleep we did. And it was glorious. Until we awoke to 3 very hungry children. They always wake up hungry, imagine that?
My dear husband was amazing today. He helped me clean the house up because our realtor was coming this afternoon. We his help we set the timer for 15 minutes and got the upstairs done, vaccumed and all. Then we went downstairs and did the same thing. 30 min and my house was looking pretty good.
Our house is now on the market, again. We have been struggling financially and feel that we need to investigate all our options to see what door the Lord opens up. We do love our house and we know that God specifically told us to buy it but now might be the time to sell it. We don't know. But we're praying and waiting. If it's not time then I will perpetually have a clean house for the next 6 months. :) Won't that be nice??
This afternoon we spent a fair amount of time working in our yard. It absolutely amazes me each year that all the leaves in the neighborhood blow onto our side of the street. But it's true. I keep telling Nathan that we should take all our leaves and dump them in our neighbor to the north's yard because every Monday he has a company come do his lawn with leaf blowers and the whole nine yards. Our neighbor would never know and then all our leaves would be taken care of. He didn't go for it. Darn! I tried.
I enjoyed reading all the posts about the Dallas blogger meeting. It's fun to get together with other girls. We enjoyed going to the MOPS convention.
It's late and we've decided that we really should start getting up before the children wake up. Maybe then we won't find toothpaste behind the bathtub and lotion under the rocking chair. I'm really not kidding about those last two!!


Mama Lily said...

I'm glad you were able to get so much done. Getting up before the children really is the hardest but BEST thing. It just works. I'm praying the Lord will open the right doors for you regarding your house. I sure wish it could have been next door. :(

ShaggaBear said...

I tried the getting up early thing about a month ago. It was really nice being awake (alert, coherent) before she woke up.

However, I have not been as diligent lately. I need to get "back on the wagon." It makes "quiet time" easier as well.