Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thirteen Random Things about Today (Thursday)

  1. Only two days until I get to go to Cedar Point!!
  2. White out on a computer monitor is hard to get off.
  3. It started snowing outside just a little while ago.
  4. There isn't any wallpaper on the walls in my upstairs bathroom anymore. :)
  5. I've done 2 loads of laundry.
  6. I've changed 3 poopy diapers.
  7. Made macaroni and cheese for lunch.
  8. Cleaned macaroni and cheese off the floor after lunch today.
  9. My upstairs bathroom floor is covered with wallpaper. :)
  10. Speghetti is on the menu for tonight.
  11. I've read three blogs and not posted a comment.
  12. My husband has yet to have lunch and it's after 2:30.
  13. I'm looking forward to watching Survivor Cook Islands tonight.


ShaggaBear said...

1. What??? With whom and why are you going to Cedar Point on Saturday???
2. well, he is blond
3.I went into Target today during a blizzard and came out with sunny skies. Target always makes the day brighter!!
4. we love to pick! I ripped some painted wallpaper down in the upstairs hallway yesterday.
5.I did one load of towels. It's in the dryer.
6.Billy changed 2 poopy diapers.
7. the always faithful PBJ works for Abby.
8. the dogs clean my floor of food regularly.
9. cleaning it up is NOT the fun part!
10. chicken is on the menu
11.I have only read a couple of blogs today cause Billy's working from home today... hogging the computer!
12.husbands can focus so well on work - even when we're talking to them - in the same room!
13.I don't watch survivor. We're going to a soccer game.

Mama Lily said...

so I guess you both got in your Thursday 13. cute. cute.