Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Toilet Trials Part 4

Last week I told you that I had taken down the wall paper in the upstairs bathroom. Well I left the chair that I had been standing on in the bathroom. The other morning my charming almost 4 year old son got up to go potty first thing. HOORAY!!! We've only had a couple of nighttime accidents unlike Boo Mama. However as you can see this is "Part 4" of the trials. I obviously didn't name it that cause we don't have an accidents, cause we do. Just ask Sarah about Mc Donald's on Sunday...or Sunday night for that matter. This one was no accident though, let me tell you.
The aforementioned chair had been in the bathroom for several days. On this morning however AJ decided to pull it over to the toilet and stand on it while he peed. In walks my sister-in-law Tabitha and GASPS!
At that point the pee is no longer going in the toilet...it's going all over the floor, the wall, the chair, the rug, the toilet. Needless to say he must have drank a lot of water last night after dinner. That morning AJ learned how to clean up pee when it goes all over the place. Hopefully next time he will NOT use the chair, which by the way, is no longer in the bathroom. It got cleaned too.

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