Monday, October 09, 2006

Wow, what a weekend!! I can't believe that it's already Monday. Thursday was a colosal laundry day because Friday morning I hauled my family, kit and kaboddle, over to my sister's house. She was leaving for a retreat with some other members of our church and I was looking after all 7 of her kids. Wow!!! There were 10 children in the house, count them. DA, Belle, JR, Thadeuss, Doodle Bug, Puk Puk, AJ, JM, Little Buddy, and baby Peanut. Boy did I have my hands full. I swear I vaccumed the family room twice in one day. :)
The older ones stayed up and I let them rent a movie and have friends over. I was told by a family friend that I was a 'cool aunt'. While watching the movie I pet the cat for awhile and forgot to wash my hands. For those of you that know me well you can imagine what happened. My eyes swelled up, got red and watery, and all kinds of loveliness. As a result DA decided that poor Fuzzy, the aforementioned feline, would get a bath...right then. He tried to wrangle some help from JR's friend DW but he said, "No way!" DA and JR were attempting to do it alone, with the rest of us watching in great amusement, when I had sympathy on Fuzzy and made my husband help hold him. It was really funny to watch. You'll have to wait until Wordless Wednesday to see the great pictures. :)
Saturday at Mama Lily's house is truely a logistical wonder. Everyone running here and there was tiring for me and I didn't even have to do the driving. After preparing the biggest quantity of food that I ever have for one meal that night I was ready to pack it all in and go home to my nice kingsize bed. :)
They were all great and did well together and apparently I got good reviews. It definitely gives you admiration for Mama Lily and all she does. And yes, I still would like a large family even after all that. So does Nathan. The only time they were all together in one room was during dinner on Sat. night. And now you know why it was Monday afternoon before I posted.


Mama Lily said...

THANK YOU so much. You did a fabulous job. It made my weekend so good, not having to be concerned about everything at home. I'm so glad it was "fun" for you. ;)

ShaggaBear said...

Am I still a "cool aunt"? Can two share the title? Hope so!

Guess that cat isn't really hypoallergenic like we thought. Hmmm. I wonder if the bath really helped. Sounds like you should have been the one to bathe. I'm sure the pictures will be hilarious.

Heather said...

I was wondering what was keeping you from posting. Quite a bit I see! 10 kids! You go girl!