Saturday, October 21, 2006


Today has been a very interesting day. And its not over yet.
Let's start at the beginning. 2:00 a.m. My darling husband got up to go lead his part of the all night prayer watch our church had last night. He came back around 6, slept for an hour and then left to go to work.
I got up with the kids around 8:30 and we just had a laid back morning. The heating element in our dryer went out a couple days ago so I thought I would just run a load over to my mom's to dry it. There didn't seem to be anyone home, so I started the dryer and left.
My next stop was Drug Mart to buy a baby shower present for this afternoon. I ran into a friend from church and this is how our conversation went.
Me- "Hey! How are you?"
Her- "Good, how come you aren't at the race?"
Me- "The race isn't til this afternoon."
Her- "I thought your dad was running this morning at 9?"
Me- "MY DAD'S IN A RACE?????????"

Needless to say somehow in the last few weeks my mother had forgotten to tell me that my dad was in a 5K race this morning and I missed it. I would have been out there cheering dad!!! However he did get a gold medal for his age group. (Maybe I shouldn't mention that he was the only one in his age group to run. )

Move on to noon. Someone was coming at 12:30 or so to stay with the boys while I took the baby to a baby shower. (previously mentioned above) I went to open the fridge to get lunch ready for the boys and AJ had quite obviously been in there. The merischino (sp??) cherries fell out and exploded everywhere. It was a HUGE mess. I forgot to take a picture. It took Tabitha and I 20 min to get it all cleaned up. Now I'm running around in a tank top, Peanut was crying and I was trying to get ready before the sitter came. It was quite chaotic.
I did get out the door about 10 min late but the shower didn't start on time so all's well. The shower was lovely. It was for the daughter of a friend. She's due in three weeks and disguistingly amazingly small. They don't know if its a boy or girl, they want to be surprised but she got a lot of cute outfits.

I came home and let the sitter make a quick exit. Then I helped Tabitha finish getting ready for her night at the orchestra with Scott. They left in a flurry of activity and Blogger won't let me add my great pictures to my post. Don't worry Tabitha..that picture will get posted. Maybe I'll save it for Wordless Wednesday. :)

Now I'm just waiting for Nathan to come home and then this evening we're off to Leader Discipleship with our church leadership group. I'm sure it will be interesting cause it always is.

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Mama Lily said...

Whew! I know what you mean. Dear Husband and Thadeus were there to cheer Daddy on, and then we went to cheer on Belle and her team!