Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blackwell Visits Norwalk

I am very passionate about politics, as some of you know. Today was a very special day in Norwalk. Ken Blackwell, candidate for Governor of Ohio came for a visit at Berry's Restaurant. He spoke about the values of rural Ohio and how he is the right man to lead Ohio. Peanut, with a Blackwell sticker on her back, and I got our picture taken with him. I like to say that she is organizing the campaign for "Babies for Blackwell." I think Daniel originally came up with it. Here we are. Peanut is reaching for his NRA member patch on his jacket. Smart girlie!!

Rachel & Aria with Ken Blackwell


Mama Lily said...

very cute! will you get any pictures tomorrow??

Doug and Stacey said...

I wish I would have known he was visiting! I would have loved to have been there. Very cute picture!

ShaggaBear said...

Great Picture! One day, when he's President, that picture will be awesome!