Friday, November 17, 2006

My Cast of Characters

Well, seeing as it's Friday night and I've spent way to much of it alone, my husband has to work late, I thought I would make a cast of characters. :)
Starting with me.
Rachel- I'm the mom of three beautiful children, wife to one amazing man, and landlord/sister/friend to two great girls who rent our guest bedroom.
Nathan- He's an amazing husband. He works in computer engineering and is on the intercessor team at church. All the other members are ladies who are older than him. I call them his "older women". I think it's great that he's a part of the group. He likes to ride his bike and fix things, although it sometimes takes him a loooooong time to fix things.
AJ- He just turned 4. He likes trains, race cars, and not taking naps. He's getting really big and longs to go to school like Puk Puk.
JM- Mister Busy is what we call him. He likes to be in the middle of whatever his older brother is doing, usually involving a train track under construction.

- I call her "little peanut", cause she's so tiny. She's hilarious, she smiles and laughs. She has charmed Sarah's boyfriend and his friend. She's got them wrapped around her little finger.

Tabitha- My sis-in-law, 21, recently engaged, sooon to be married. She's funny but very busy with school, work, and Scott (her man.)
Sarah- My sweet friend, 19, busy with work and school. Spends most free time with her boyfriend Mike. She loves the kids and spoils them.
So these are the people that live in my house and quite frequently have posts about them. :)

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palmtreefanatic said...

what a great list of characters